EGP 4.0: Handheld Companion Software

Easy Grade Pro 4.0 actually consists of a suite of three programs that are designed to work together: Easy Grade Pro 4.0 for desktop/laptop computers, Pocket EGP 4.0 for Windows Mobile handhelds and EGP Clipboard 4.0 for Palm OS handhelds.

A Comparison
Pocket EGP and EGP Clipboard are designed for teachers without a classroom computer, teachers who are mobile, and teachers who want to record data while interacting with students.
Pocket EGP 4.0
for Windows Mobile Handhelds

Our Pocket EGP 4.0 and EGP Clipboard 4.0 programs reflect the fundamental differences between Windows Mobile and Palm OS handhelds. The result: two very different programs for managing your student data on handhelds.

If you don't already have a handheld, this chart explains the features of each program allowing you to choose the one that is best for you.

EGP Clipboard 4.0
for Palm OS Handhelds

Windows Mobile handhelds are very much like Windows computers but in a smaller form factor. Files are moved to the handheld manually or via a syncing process where they can opened, manipulated and then moved back to the original computer or to another computer.

Windows Mobile
Palm OS handhelds

Palm OS
handhelds are accessories to desktop computers with a simplified interface that many find easier to learn. A simple, one-button syncing process is used to transfer data to and from the handheld.

Pocket EGP 4.0 looks and works like Easy Grade Pro 4.0. They use the same gradebook files. The charts look and work the same way. Since grades and attendance totals are recalculated as data are entered, Pocket EGP can be used alone for extended periods requiring you to move your gradebook back to Easy Grade Pro only for less-frequent tasks such as printing.

Pocket EGP 4.0
EGP Clipboard 4.0

EGP Clipboard 4.0 is an electronic version of a physical clipboard with printed rosters displaying columns and rows of only the current students, assignments and dates. Since grades and attendance totals are recalculated only during the syncing process, you will likely need to sync your EGP Clipboard data with your Easy Grade Pro data frequently.

To copy the gradebook to and from the handheld, use, copy/paste, drag/drop or Active Sync. All data from all classes are available. Using an SD card with card reader, you can move the gradebook from the handheld to any Windows or Mac computer with Easy Grade Pro 4.0.

Transferring Data between the
Handheld and Desktop

To sync, click the Hotsync button on the handheld and the data are transferred in both directions. Only data from up to 16 classes in the current term can be synced. You must sync to the same computer each time.

Data can be entered via typing, grade-clicking, fill down, change scores tool, find tool with continuous search. Auto-fill of scores based on attendance.

Score/Attendance entry

Data can be entered via typing, grade-clicking, and fill down.

Yes, in real-time as data are entered.

Recalculating grade/attendance totals

No. Totals are updated only during syncing.

You can work with multiple gradebook files. But you can't work with the same gradebook on both the handheld and desktop simultaneously.

Working on both the handheld and desktop

You can sync data from only one gradebook. You can work with both the handheld and desktop data simultaneously.

Score, Attendance and Standard charts are very similar to their counterparts in Easy Grade Pro. You can view multiple assignments or attendance dates simultaneously and scroll to those offscreen.


The Multi-student chart allows you to see all scores or attendance marks for one assignment or date. The One-student chart allows you to see all scores or attendance marks for one student. The Seating chart allows entry of attendance and scores.

Add students. Add assignments. Add score notes and footnotes. View extensive summaries with graphs and lists. Enter student summary notes. View most student record data. Utilize custom filters. Font options.


Add students. Add assignments. Add score notes and footnotes.


  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • touchscreen and stylus

Desktop/laptop: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista needed for installation, Easy Grade Pro 4.0

System Requirements

Palm OS 4.x or 5.x, touchscreen and stylus, hotsync software, 256+ colors Desktop/laptop: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Mac OS 10.2 - 10.5 (including Intel-based Macs), Easy Grade Pro 4.0

Microsoft Vista is supported with Palm Desktop 6.2.1+ and Hotsync manager 7.0.1+


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